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[Noff] Kitty Licking Kitty

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Please read first!


Comes in unique versions.

1: Bottom /Shiver Uses an animation that is semi shared.

Male hyur base is shared across all males, including Elezen. Which means Elezen male bottoms will need special adjustments. Scale 1.0
Female Miqo'te Base is shared across all females EXCEPT female Elezen, they have a unique version Scale 1.0 (female hyur base might need to be smaller)
Female Elezen and Female Roe are shared, they have a unique version to fit the animation. Scale 1.0

Male Roe / Hrothgar DO NOT USE A UNIQUE ANIMATION. I wasn't able to compress their giant bodies enough to make this work, I just applied the male hyur animation onto them so if you want to use them in another way you can, but it will not work out of the box for bottoms.

2: Top HAVE WEAPON DRAWN AND DO /LEAN! Each Race has its own unique animations for this.

Because this animation is using a weapon and its animations for the tongue, I needed to try and make an animation that worked for all the faces of each race and gender. That means certain faces might experience minor clipping, this is unavoidable. Most clipping I've seen happens out of view when both partners are together.


Male Midlander, Male Miqo'te, Male Viera All use Scale 1.0 for this animation
Male Highlander and Male Aura Use scale 1.144, which is the max height for Highlanders.
Male Roe and Hrothgar Use Scale 1.0 and have special unique animations to accommodate for the bottom.

All Females use Scale 1.0 (for their respective races, not overall)

If trying to use a carbuncle as a second actor

Carbuncles cannot use the tongues properly! I don't know if there's a way to do it, but I can't figure it out, if someone does please tell me. Forcing the /lean animation in gpose using anamnesis will cause the character to freak out. no idea why. But I've included a video on how to set it up properly if this happens.

See Video 3 or video in content files for instructions.


[Noff] Kitty Licking Kitty [Draw Weapon Lean][Shiver]

  • Animation replaced: Top: /lean with weapon drawn Bottom: /shiver
  • Effects: All Races (except Lalafell)
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[Noff] Kitty Licking Kitty

11 ratings
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