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[NFLB] Fall Guys Victory Flashing!

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Please read first!

This is a test page for new changes I plan on doing for overall custom skeleton and meshes, feedback would be appreciated.

This page contains 3 important things

1: [NFLB] Nofflebones + Unique Racial Metadata - THIS IS REQUIRED OR ELSE YOU WILL CRASH. Just set it as a higher priority than IVCS skeleton and unique racials, or delete IVCS skeleton and racials and just use this.

2: Fall Guys Victory animation using new NFLB bone system. This is animation will be released for free after 3 weeks.

3: Test clothing to use for fall guys animation, using new NFLB system.

If you have any questions, feedback or experience issues, please report in the NFLB section of my discord at:

[NFLB] Fall Guys Victory Flashing! [Victory Revel]

  • Animation replaced: /victoryrevel
  • Effects: Tall Females
  • NFLB Bones: (nf_bra_) (nf_shrt_)

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[NFLB] Fall Guys Victory Flashing!

5 ratings
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